Der Unterschied zwischen der Klebeschicht aus schaltbarem PDLC-Film und Solarfilm

03. 10, 2021

 The switchable PDLC film is an intelligent privacy protection product. By applying a voltage to the product, it can switch between the transparent and frosted states, thereby realizing the role of privacy protection;

   Generally, the switchable PDLC film is divided into non-adhesive film and self-adhesive film. The Self-adhesive switchable PDLC film have one back silicon layer This self-adhesive silica gel layer is different from the water-based glue of the solar film. so the installation method and procedure are very different, mainly as follows:

1. The installation method is different: the silica gel self-adhesive layer needs to be dry pasted, and the water pasting method cannot be used. The back of the ordinary solar film is water-based glue, so the water pasting is used;

2. The adhesive force is different. The self-adhesive PDLC film is mainly the self-adhesive force of the silica gel layer, so the adhesive force is less than the solar film;

3. The requirements for the cleanliness of the glass surface are different: the self-adhesive liquid crystal film requires that the glass surface must be clean and free of impurities, otherwise it is easy to form bubbles;

4. Edge banding requirements: After the self-adhesive liquid crystal film is installed and tested, it needs to be sealed with special neutral silicon glue to prevent water vapor or other corrosive substances from corroding the film layer, while ordinary solar film does not need it;

Therefore, because of the special adhesive of the self-adhesive PDLC film, the installation method needs to be carried out in accordance with the operating instructions;


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